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Monday, August 29, 2011

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Fundraiser

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Fundraiser

October 26th, 2011 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

“Join me for an indoor ”Island Casual“ party.... great food, drinks and a fashion show featuring my latest clothing and swimwear designs. Silent and live auctions - including my artwork, fantastic gifts and exciting trips – will be held with the proceeds benefitting the marine conservation work of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation."

Guy Harvey

The Nova Southeastern University

Don Taft University Center Davie, FL

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baskets are the Perfect Complement to Coastal or Beach House Decorating

With everyone concerned about money these days, one of the very best ways to add accents to your coastal home or beach house without breaking the bank is with baskets - especially nested baskets since you get more for your money. Checkout our new tabletop and floor size baskets made of bangkuan and rattan nested in a set of two. For an even more bleached look you won't want to miss our bleached coco twig and rattan baskets in floor size and tabletop size. Be sure to visit Blue Barnacles for these and more ideas and products to take your beach decor from 'ho hum' to spectacular!

Visit Blue Barnacles for all your nautical, coastal and beach decor needs.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Creating a Coastal Headboard

In these tough economic times you can still do a lot to decorate your home with really 'big time' coastal appeal by using some very inexpensive items. To create a fantastic coastal 'headboard', start with some weathered old shutters. You can leave them very weathered or give them a coat of white, sage green or other stain color of your choice. Searching for old shutters can be a lot of fun - bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it!

Fasten enough panels together to approximate the width of your bed (there are several ways to fasten the panels but you might want to try small hinges). The joined shutters can then be affixed to the wall to form a 'headboard'.

You'll then want to decorate the shutters for a 'decked out' coastal look by hanging shell adorned wreaths, garlands, or other ornamental shell decorations from the shutters - but be careful, a little adornment goes a long way! You could opt to use something more 'Nantucket' like skinny Nantucket wall baskets filled with silk hydrangea hung from alternating shutter panels. Another option is to hang small 10" wreaths on every other panel for a stunning impact or opt for one 24" wreath and hang it in the center of your 'headboard'.

You can even go for a really simple look by hanging 6-7" finger starfish from the shutters with fishing line. Hang them at different lengths so you end up with touches of starfish here and there covering the shutters.

Be sure to visit Blue Barnacles - Nautical, Coastal and Tropical Decor for all your coastal, nautical and tropical decorating needs.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Featured Artist Derek McCrea

For all of you who love coastal, nautical or tropical artwork, we are featuring a new artist - Derek McCrea. We think his work is wonderful and we know you will too.

Right now we are carrying limited edition prints of his colorful watercolors.

If tropical is your style, you'll definitely want to check out his parrots and tropical florals.

Derek has a fabulous collection of colorful and detailed marina scenes. His marina scenes are some of our favorites.

He also has a number of beautiful lighthouse prints as well as seascapes.

One of our favorites is his St. Augustine Lighthouse print.

Be sure to check out his fabulous marinelife prints including this beautiful Sea Turtle print.

For all your nautical, coastal and tropical home decor needs visit Blue Barnacles at

Friday, May 2, 2008

Create a Coastal, Tropical or Nautical Look with Themed Pillows and Throws

Want to do something simple to add a coastal, tropical or nautical look to your room? We think a great place to start is with a gorgeous coastal or nautical tapestry throw draped over the back of a chair or sofa. Add a few coordinating throw pillows in coastal, tropical or nautical-inspired designs or colors and watch your room come to life! Regardless of your color scheme there are tapestry throws and pillows just right for your room.

Love sailboats? You'll definitely fall head over heels for these fabulous Coastal Breeze pillows by famous American artist Warren Kimble. A matching throw is also available.

But before making a final decision you'll want to check out Morning Sail and Fair Weather Sailing! These are some of our favorites and we think they'll be yours as well.

If shells are more your style, check out our popular Seashells tapestry throw in shades of pink. For a striking touch of deep, rich blue you won't need to look any further than our Shell Collection tapestry throw. For a more traditional look, Gifts from the Sea in sumptuous pastels is one of our most popular designs with both a tapestry throw and matching pillows available.

Want to add a touch of lively color to your room? For a colorful coastal-inspired design with a tropical flavor our Shells and Coral tapestry throw may be just the thing to add both color and that wonderful coastal accent to your room. This thow is magnificent with wicker and rattan seating, natural fibers, and rich woods.

For a room with whites, blues, and natural fabrics, Shore Birds is one of our favorite designs and we think it will be yours as well. Coordinating throw and pillows available, or complement the pillows with a pale blue, grey, white or tan throw or vice versa.

These are some of our choices to give your room a touch of coastal, tropical or nautical appeal. There are many more to choose from to complement your own personal style and decor.

For all your nautical, coastal and tropical home decor needs visit Blue Barnacles at

Friday, April 25, 2008

Create a Shore Themed Bathroom

Creating a shore themed bathroom can range anywhere from adding touches of shells and delicate white finger starfish in a bathroom with blues or natural colors and fabrics to going 'all out' with a nautical or coastal themed collection of bath accessories. Whether you're doing a major renovation or just want to dress it up a bit, coastal decor and nautical decor themes are a wonderful choice for the bathroom.

Today's bath collections are undeniably beautiful in durable resins that will withstand the occasional drop from slippery hands onto a hard tile floor.

For a shell design, one of our favorites is Sea Breeze. It is unsurpassed for quality. The shower curtain and bath accessories feature a collection of shells and starfish in soft coastal colors.

We also LOVE the Ebb Tide collection. The towels are absolutely gorgeous and the mix of resin and wicker in the accessories gives this collection a fabulous 'beachy' appeal!

For a more rustic coastal look, you may want to consider the ever-popular East Harbor design where you can set your toothbrush in the claws of a resin crab!

Are you a lighthouse fan? If so, you'll want to see the brand new Harbor Lights designs. We think this will be one of the most popular nautical designs ever! It features gorgeous lighthouses against a map background - simply gorgeous!!

Seasons of Light is also a very popular design for lighthouse enthusiasts. We just adore the toothbrush holder shaped like a lighthouse!

Want to create an underwater world in your bathroom? Check out Blue Lagoon and Deep Blue. Both designs feature gorgeous colors and realistic underwater scenes you're sure to enjoy.

For all your nautical, coastal and tropical home decor needs visit Blue Barnacles at

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weathervanes as a Tabletop Accent!

Want to find something gorgeous and really unique as a tabletop accent for your coastal decor or nautical decor? Something that will be an eye-catching focal point for your room? Create a stunning tabletop accent with a full size weathervane by using a mantel base especially made for displaying full size weathervanes on a mantel or tabletop.

Weathervanes are available in several finishes with polished copper and antiqued finishes being the most popular.

Nautical and coastal designs are plentiful - featuring sailboats, shore birds, lighthouses, fish and other marinelife designs.

Regardless of your decorating style you're sure to find a weathervane that will offer a stunning accent for your room. Designs are available from equine to wildlife, country designs, airplanes, and many, many more...

For all your nautical, coastal and tropical home decor needs visit Blue Barnacles at